Cross-cultural communication

The globalization has increased exchanges, but it has also developed more frequent relationships with people (or companies) who have a different culture from yours, especially when you have to make a presentation in front of an audience that is from other cultures.

The cultural specificities, representation of local demeanors coming from fundamental values specific to each culture, have to be addressed before you communicate, to anticipate your encounters and your presentations.

Our network of cross-cultural consultants is available to help you prepare this interpersonal communication.

We are usually able to satisfy your needs with customized services.

As an example, our advanced training « Communicate with Americans », is dedicated to those who have to succeed in the talk they have to deliver in front of an American audience (roadshow, Keynote, convention, meeting, …).

                  Communicate with Americans

A lot of public speaking performances (roadshows, Keynote, presentations, conferences, …) made in front of Americans are inconclusive (so Frenchy…), sometimes inefficient and far from having the expected impact.

Beyond the language skill, the reason is often a lack of knowledge of the American way to communicate. Influenced by our original cultural habits (we are used to a culture of implicit messages, the famous French unspoken habit), our messages may not go through, and also for many reasons, not to match with the cultural codes of the audience.

Our advanced training « Communicate with Americans », « American Communication » usually delivered in 2 half days has been designed by those, speaking English and handling the basic tools for a good communication, pay a specific attention to the success of their presentation overseas.

This program focuses on the way to impact a North-American audience, which means what elements are important to refer to (the fundamental values that have an impact and the ones that « do not work ») and the formal aspects of the U.S. culture.

Beyond our advice for explicit, short, direct and simple messages, we take into account expressions (Americanisms) necessary to make your speech fluid and to inspire a North-American audience.

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