You will soon be hosted by a media with a large audience………….

Our Media-Trainings, designed in accordance with your needs, most of the time organized in one, two or three sessions of two to three hours, have the objective to give you the chance to experience an interview with confidence and efficiency.

We train you for your presentation in order to:

  • Understand who is the journalist who is interviewing you, know his background (his partnerships, his specialities, his focuses, his previous papers, his « preferences »), the positioning of the media or of the show, the potential risks.
  • Be a « good client », which means handling the interview techniques adapted to the smoothness of your speech.
  • Anticipate all the questions that can be asked, … and naturally prepare the best answers.
  • Identify the key messages that you want to deliver, insert them, whatever the questions asked by the interviewer.
  • Disactivate the objections that could emerge by helping you build your line of argument.

We can train you in our studios with journalists who will adopt a style surprisingly close to the ones who will host you.

Convince a hostile audience, it is easy, it has to be learned!

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