Crisis communication

Regardless whether they are internal or external, crisis are special moments that it is necessary to anticipate. Crisis communication becomes especially critical and every public speaking in front of the media usually involves the whole company.

The crisis dynamics is by definition a difficult situation: work on crisis eliminates taboos, gives the chance to analyze situations out of the assumptions and stimulate collaborative initiative.

The objective of this advanced training is to:

  • Understand the components of a crisis;
  • Understand the crisis dynamics and its consequences;
  • Be able to put in place a crisis communication mechanism that will be efficient during the whole period;
  • Teach the executives, individually and collectively, to manage and communicate.

Furthermore, with press meetings and press conference, we’ll address the way to respond to the aggressiveness expressed by some journalists, how to stay calm, prepare arguments, ease the dialog and reverse a trend by using a discourse based on proof.

This training is based on a true-to-life crisis scenario, giving the opportunity to the future members of the crisis unit to act, to define a solid communication and to experience the deterioration, sometimes violent, of the situation. (Duration : 1 day and half).

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