Interview techniques

The objective of an interview is to make sure that journalists will pass on your messages.

To succeed, it is necessary to understand the media world, to know how the press works (especially the journalists objectives and constraints), to master some interview “tricks”.

Our media trainings, featured to make our clients performing and self-sufficient are designed in different formats. They are customized according to the needs and the situations foreseen by our clients:

  • Interview on the phone (for social media, radio, press)
  • Contacts with the regional press (most often composed of its main daily newspaper, its radio stations and its local/regional TV station)
  • Preparation for radio or TV shows and interviews
  • Training to become spokesperson of the company in charge of promoting new products in front of national and/or international professional press (newspapers, radio, TV, web)
  • Anticipation of an interview or a show (radio or TV)
  • Anticipation of an announcement in front of the general press and the social media
  • Anticipation of a meeting with the press and a press conference, running-in messages for multi-sector journalists
  • Interview in front of the economic and financial press
  • Interview in front of the Anglo-Saxon financial press
  • Orchestration of a large scope media event

Whatever the questions, you need to know how to deliver your messages.

There are specific media trainings for all these situations. They are designed to respond to the specifications established by the client, usually with the help of its communication department.

With training sessions and simulations, we expose you to a constant flow of questions. We increase the speed, we interrupt you and we push you to your limits, we even provoke you to teach you to prepare your messages, to manage your time, to know how to dodge, to bounce back, to pass your 3 or 4 key messages and to wrap up.

The setup of more sophisticated media trainings requires the selection of a « chief editor » who has a solid experience of this issue. He will manage the setup of the training. He will guarantee a total discretion by using the expertise of colleagues journalists (matching with the specificities of the situation) for interviews that will be afterwards decrypted and analyzed by him in front of the client company.

The media trainings can be featured both in French and in English or in any other specific language.

This training is usually delivered in 3 half-days, continuous or not, (variable duration according to the requested themes).

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