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Designed for executive managers, among which EXCOM or management committee members (CEO, Deputy CEO, HR directors, commercial directors, communication directors…), for site directors, for company’s spokesperson who may be accused (or indicted), for high profile commercials, and for public women and men, our program « DIALECTIC TECHNIQUES » has been created for them.

The objective is to enhance the quick wit, the ability to argue, to score points and to win in every circumstance (exposure, meeting, debate or confrontation), but also to give everyone a real persuasive and influence power.

Beside open conflict situations, the understanding and the practice of these techniques offer a large tool box that will be very helpful for the executives all along their career.

The knowledge and the use of these techniques give the executives the opportunity to better direct their strategy and get a real impact from their speeches. On a more operational aspect, they are a way to dominate their opponents and win verbal duels in controversial situations. They often generate doubt among their opponents, they boost their allies and convince the undecided.

Main situations to use « Dialectic techniques » in a business context:

  • Access and exposure to executive management positions
  • Relations with the press (general, economic and financial)
  • Meetings with social partners (works council/CE, health and safety committee/CHSCT, unions negotiations)
  • Challenging management circumstances (change management, buyout, offshoring, job preservation plan)
  • Difficult commercial negotiations (difficulty to find a middle ground, clients diktats, relations with corporate buyers (mass retailing…), class actions).

This training completed with many role-plays in front of opponents with an extra level of authenticity, is usually conducted with small groups of 4 executives from separate companies. It is delivered in 4 half days plus 2 booster sessions three and six months later.

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