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Public speaking, interviews, presentations, Keynote, conventions, roadshows, web conferences, debates …  Every executive or executive manager has to succeed in his oral presentations. Today, it is not accepted that a speech does not have the expected impact due to a lack of communication skills.

The objective of « DEVELOPMENT IN COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES », verbaTeam flagship product (approved each year by executive managers in large companies), is to strengthen the executives impact, develop their charisma by incorporating progressively communication techniques, express their personality and reinforce their leadership (their listening skills as well) each time they have the opportunity to communicate.

This individualized program conducted with small groups of 4 (5 half days + 1/2 day for update 9 to 12 months later), takes into account all the aspects of the executive’s communication (ways to move, postures, gestures, gaze, smile, breathing, silences, volume, speed, rhythm, structure of the message, management of the emotions), all the characteristics for each context of communication and globally, all the techniques that he may or might need. This program gives the opportunity to value the personality and the authenticity of every participant, supported by significant steps of awareness with a progressive and methodical incorporation of the proposed techniques.

This training, short and dense, delivered by high profile specialists, is designed to satisfy the needs of executives in a French or an international environment and gives them often the opportunity of a major step forward to optimize their messages. This program is designed in French and in English. It is strongly recommended to attend this training in your mother language.

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